The 2017-2018 CMS School Choice Lottery is in full swing. Through Tuesday, February 14, 2017 parents and guardians can learn more about school choice, research education themes and learning environments best for their family and apply for the School Choice Lottery. With all this school choice talk, you might wonder what is so great about the the lottery. Well just like your favorite teacher, we have all the answers.

I Want To Be – CMS School Choice from CMS School Choice on Vimeo.

Match their dreams to their school

The CMS School Choice Lottery offers students the opportunity to pursue their dreams while receiving a top-notch education. From engineering to visual arts, second language development to early college, public safety and more, CMS magnet schools develop each students’ potential while preparing them for college and a career. Check out all these fantastic schools and see what we mean!

Find the right learning environment

What type of learner is your child? Do they learn most effectively in a traditional environment or would information immersion or virtual learning be more beneficial? Through the School Choice Lottery, you can explore a variety of different classroom settings and see how your child can shine.  Learn more.

Take a test drive

Between now and the first School Choice deadline on February 14, 2017, you are invited to school open houses where you can ask questions, take a tour and learn more about the best fit for your student. Ready to take a tour?

Pick three

After you and your child have done the necessary homework and discussed the options, you can apply to the lottery and select up to three schools you think are the best fit for your family. How’s that for choice?

In conclusion class, what is so great about the CMS School Choice Lottery is “choice.” Talk with your student, visit schools and apply by February 14, 2017. Your child. Your school. Your choice.






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