Perren Tonsmeire is an agent with Savvy + Co. Real Estate and mom to twins. Being a parent of “multiples”  means her life is all about more. More time, more patience, more planning, more clothes, more messes, more organization, more food and double whatever she needs to get everyone through the day. This “more” philosophy extends to her real estate clients. Perren is always ready to offer more advice, resources, information and time to ensure her clients find the perfect housing fit no matter how many two or four-legged children they have.

Of course, when your family doubles in size in one day, housing needs change fast. This expert mom of multiples shared her top tips on what to look for when the family starts outgrowing its space.

More room

No matter how many kids make up your brood, plenty of space to run inside and out is critical. “Look for a long hallway or an island in the kitchen for the kids to chase each other,” suggests Perren. Take an honest assessment of how much space will be needed in your next home to accommodate your changing needs today and in the future.

More yard

Getting those kids outside to burn excess energy is the key to happiness for everyone. A fenced yard is ideal for lots of outdoor time. Consider what your family enjoys doing together and look for a yard that fits. Whether its soccer or whiffle ball games, roasting marshmallows on the fire pit, running through a sprinkler or hanging a hammock, finding the right outside space can make a huge difference.

More dining options

More mouthes to feed means increased time in the kitchen. Look for a functional kitchen with ample food prep space and a variety of areas for the family to eat and entertain. Cooking will be more fun for everyone in a space you love.

More storage

Bigger and growing families need plenty of storage. “At first you will think your home has been taken over by baby equipment – and then you realize – it has,” says Perren. Take a look at not only how much storage you need but how easy it is to access it. Also take into account inside storage options where nooks and crannies could be the perfect place for toy baskets, shoes storage and art supplies.

More rooms

When looking for a new home, a playroom or bonus room is a fantastic place for the little ones to play and can become flex space for future needs. Also consider your bedroom count. Will your multiples have separate bedrooms? Will you need a space for visiting family, an au pair or live-in nanny?

More on multiples

Perren is active in the Charlotte Mothers of Multiples (CMOMs) organization which offers support and friendship for moms of multiples and serves the community. She offers the following advice to fellow mothers of multiples.

  • Don’t hesitate to ask for help. Join a local moms of multiples group and look to family members and friends for support.
  • Make time for yourself and significant other.
  • Batten down the hatches and secure everything. Its amazing how quickly multiples can get into everything.
  • Be prepared for messes. Twins or additional multiples can mean double (or triple) the creative minds, active hands and widespread (well-intentioned) destruction.
  • Plan one-on-one time with each multiple. They need and love your undivided attention.
  • Keep your sense of humor – it will help you get through the difficult days.
  • Enjoy every moment, take lots of videos and journal precious memories.

Contact Perren today and learn all about her philosophy of helping you get more. If she can keep calm, cool and collected with twins, we know she is going to take expert care of you!












Perren Tonsmeire


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