If 2016 was the Year of the Crane in Charlotte, then 2017 will be the Year of the Ribbon Cutting. That’s according Ely Portillo, the Charlotte Observer’s development reporter, who joined us this week on the CharlotteFive Podcast.

Buildings and developments keep popping up all over the city and several large ones are expected to open this year, meaning it’s time to break out the over-sized scissors. Ely talked in-depth about what development trends we can expect in Charlotte this year — and beyond.

Ely was the first guest we ever had on the podcast, so it’s only fitting that we bring him back for the first episode of 2017.

Ely Portillo
Ely Portillo

Development is a hot topic around the city, with cranes dotting the uptown skyline, apartments popping up on seemingly every corner, and neighborhood favorites like Common Market South End, Tommy’s Pub and Jackalope Jacks closing or moving to make room for the next mixed-use development or high rise. In addition to all of that, we talked with Ely about how the Blue Line light rail extension will change NoDa and areas north of the city (will it be South End Part II?), why walkable, mixed-use developments are moving out to the ‘burbs, and when uptown will finally get a full-size grocery store. And Ely filled us in on the newest over-the-top apartment amenities new developments are using to lure tenants. (Dog washes are so 2016.)

For some background, you can read Ely’s Observer story about 2017 development trends here.

Other things discussed on this week’s podcast:

– New Year’s Resolutions.
– How many things on Sarah Crosland’s 2017 Charlotte bucket list I’ve actually done. (Spoiler: not many.)

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Photo: Diedra Laird/Charlotte Observer; Twitter

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