This week on CharlotteFive, we’re taking a few moments to look back at 2016. Yesterday, we counted down our five favorite stories from the year. Today, we’re focusing on the most popular stories from 2016.

What do these five most-read stories tell us about C5ers? Y’all like street signs and food.

(1) Why is there a historic sign reading ‘Tear in the Space-Time Continuum’ in uptown Charlotte?

Back in July, Corey decided to look into this sign following a reader tip. He thought it would be a simple story. It turned out to be anything but and became our most popular story of the year. (Spoiler alert: We’re pretty sure we figured out where the sign came from.)

(2) Who is Sharon and why are so many Charlotte roads named after her?


If you’ve spent any time driving around Charlotte, you’ve probably wondered this, too. So we finally decided to get the real answer. Read the story then wow your friends with this Charlotte fun fact.

(3) Meet CharlotteFive’s Most Eligible bachelors and bachelorettes.

Nominations for our first Most Eligible contest came flooding in when we opened it in November. In December we announced these 20 incredible finalists and later that month we celebrated the winners at The Imperial. (If you weren’t there, you missed one heck of a party.)


(4) Is the best seafood in Charlotte served in a church parking lot?


We’d never heard of Seafood Connection before Jody wrote about it in November. Apparently we’ve been missing out. This was also one of our most commented-on stories of 2016.

(5) Food truck season kicks off this week. Your guide to Charlotte’s food truck rallies.


One of the many things we lost to development in 2016 was the Food Truck Friday lot in South End. But interest in food trucks is as high as ever, as evidenced by the popularity of this guide to all of the FTF rallies in Charlotte.

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