Ready to take to the streets? The next Open Streets 704 event is scheduled for 1-5 p.m. May 7, and organizers announced a new route for the event Friday.

What’s Open Streets 704?

The event aims to show people that roads are for more than just cars. The streets will be closed to vehicular traffic but open to people walking, biking, jogging, dancing, or doing just about anything else.

The event in May will be the third, and the first two drew more than 25,000 people. The Knight Foundation initially provided funding for four events over two years, but a new presenting sponsorship by Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina “puts Open Streets 704 on the path to continue beyond the two years,” according to a post on the event’s website.

What’s the new route?

The May event will wind through east Charlotte, starting in Elizabeth and heading over toward Plaza Midwood.

You can see the route on the map below:

Like previous events, the route will have four themed zones: Arts and Science (red on the map); Family (yellow); Green (duh); and Wellness (blue).

Want to get involved?

The easiest way is to just show up May 1 — it’s free. If you want to host an activity along the route, you can get in touch with the Activities Team. And if you want to volunteer, email

Photo: Robert Lahser/Charlotte Observer

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