Before this past Christmas, you may have wandered into a sleepy little wine shop at Atherton Mill in South End. This shop is Vin Master. It was a simple wine retail shop where customers could sit and sip on selections of sustainable wines from boutique wineries.

Under the new ownership of Rochelle Baxter and her boyfriend, John Pruett, the wine shop holds a similar theme to the original, but a bit more vamped up.

“I really wanted it to meet the potential of South End,” Baxter said.

Now, there’s an event scheduled for almost every night of every week. Think: $5 mimosas and sangrias on Sunday, Trivia Night on Tuesdays, half-priced glasses of wine and a food truck on Wednesdays, and wine tastings on Thursdays; you can find a more detailed schedule of weekly events here.

Baxter’s vision for Vin Master is a destination spot that serves as an urban provisions market by day and wine bar by night.

The updated interior consists of a bar top, new tables and a corner filled with local groceries for sale. Baxter also livened the space up with new artwork, flowers on each countertop and candles at night.

“We still offer the boutique wines that the previous owner was offering before I came in, but the inventory has definitely increased,” Baxter said.

She has expanded the list with more wines from all over the world. The wine selection is organized by flavor profiles rather than by region.

However, most of the wine selections are from right here in North Carolina. The wine shop also has cans and bottles of craft beer as well as local pantry items that you can choose from to arrange your own platter.

Interested in checking out the new Vin Master? Head on over.

Vin Master
2000 South Blvd., #610
(704) 307-5565

Photos: Colby Alvino

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