Beverley Fasth has an interesting perspective on moving, mothers and downsizing. The Savvy + Co. Real Estate agent hails from a Kenilworth, England. She eventually made it to Charlotte via New York and San Francisco. We sat down with Beverly to talk real estate – here and across the pond – visiting mum in her flat and what to look for when you (or someone you love) is ready to downsize.

C5: How long has your mom lived in her flat in England?
BF: My mother moved 20 years ago when my father died unexpectedly and she no longer wanted to live in the family house which was large for England and modest by U.S. standards with four beds ONE bath!

C5: What is the size of her flat?
BF: Her flat is about 1,000 square-feet with two beds, one bath, a sitting room and kitchen. The complex also has a large lounge for residents, hobby rooms and hair salon. They have an active social life.

C5: Did you help her find her flat?
BF: I did not help her. My three brothers and sister live there and we all wanted to help her stay in Kenilworth, the town where she has lived for 50 years. It’s a small town with Kenilworth Castle where we used to play in the dungeons as children!

C5: How often do you travel to see her?
BF: I try and visit her once a year and stay for two to three weeks. Her complex has two guest suites and I stay in one of those.

C5: Do you see many empty nesters downsizing in Charlotte? What are these buyers looking for?
BF: I am an empty nester myself and moved two years ago from a large home in Providence Springs to a smaller home. Although our current home is still 2,700 square-feet it has a lot less yard. My experience is empty nesters don’t necessarily want townhouses or apartments, just less yard and a more efficient home.

C5: How is the home buying experience different in London than in Charlotte?
BF: They are called estate agents in England and homes are much more expensive and agents get paid much less. Open houses are just starting to be popular there and are done by appointment. They’ve never heard of staging!

Morning hot tea

C5: Tell me about your mother’s flat.
BF: I love my mum’s flat. My children always loved visiting and would run around the hallways of the complex! It’s small but has everything she needs including lovely gardens that are taken care of. My Mum loves the social aspect and now she’s older – 88 years young – she doesn’t have to leave to be with her friends.

C5: What else should buyers know about downsizing?
BF: I would caution buyers looking to downsize to pick their new home carefully. After living in a busy family neighborhood, moving to a small townhouse could be very lonely. The over 55 communities might be an option as they have plenty to do and active seniors.

Want to talk mothers or downsizing options over a coffee or spot of tea? Get in touch with Beverly. She’s been there, done that and is ready to show you the way home.





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