You may have heard about MoRA and asked yourself,  “Self, that sounds cool, but where is that?” C5 went straight to the source and asked Josh Starnes with Savvy + Co. Real Estate to give us the dish.  

C5: Where is MoRA?
FS: The MoRA area is out Monroe Road, just past Sharon Amity.  It’s south of Independence and between Sharon Amity and Sardis Road North.

C5: What does MoRA stand for?
FS: MoRA stands for Monroe Road Advocates. MoRA is a local business outreach group focused on bringing people, businesses, retail and a great vibe to the area. 

C5: What types of businesses can I find in the area?
FS: There are a lot of businesses in the corridor! Some of my faves are  Inner Peaks (a rock climbing gym), Queen City Yoga, Escape Hour and the Deep Sea Seafood Market.

C5: You know the readers really want to know where they can find the cool neighborhoods.
FS: That’s tough, but I’ll start with five.

The Stonehaven neighborhood is huge and spreads between Rama Road and Boyce Road. The lots are large and the roads are winding. In other words do not go in this neighborhood without your GPS and a full tank of gas. Prices range from the high $100s to the low $400s with everything in between. Most are ranches, split levels and two story homes built in the 1960s to 1970s. The best part? It is connected to MCAlpine Greenway and Boyce Road Park.
I promise, you won’t get lost in this neighborhood. In Burtonwood you can find excellent examples of Mid-Century Modern architecture on large lots. This place was cool before anyone wanted to be cool – even me. There are also Cape Cods, split levels and traditional ranches. The median price is $268,000 – and that is for a lot of house.
Woodberry Forest
Woodberry Forest is across the street from Burtonwood, tucked between Independence and Monroe roads. This neighborhood has classic ranch homes on wooded lots with a mix of original owners and people moving in and renovating. The neighborhood has an active association that hosts social events several times a year. You can get in this neighborhood for the low $200s.

McClintock Woods
This is the first neighborhood after you cross Rama Road going out of town on your right.  These are mostly brick ranch houses built in the early 1970s. The price points are fantastic from the low $200’s to fully renovated beauties over $250,000. This neighborhood is walking distance to the new Meridian Place shopping center with a Hawthorne’s Pizza opening soon. Yum!

Fox Run
Shhhhh! This is another secret neighborhood. This is a pocket of only a few streets just past Burtonwood.  Houses here range from the $150s to $200s with most under $170,000. You can find split levels, two story and ranch houses built in the 1970s. Neighbors love being so close to town. Move fast, they don’t stay on the market long.

LL: That’s a lot of affordable neighborhoods! Buyers have some tough decisions to make.
JS: I know and they are going to love this area, and if you need more information about MoRA or other up and coming neighborhoods, you know where to find me!
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