Charlotte’s own Sycamore Brewing is gearing up for this Saturday’s Pumpkin Fest. A celebration of pumpkins, pumpkin beers and all things Fall, Pumpkin Fest 2017 is an event that no Charlottean will want to miss. There are plenty of reasons to attend a beer festival, of course, but we’ve compiled a convenient list of the top five reasons you won’t want to miss out on this once-a-year opportunity.

  • the beers: Pumpkin Fest 2017 is going to feature a stellar lineup of brews at more outdoor pouring stations than ever before. Sycamore Brewing is going to break out the big guns with High Tide Wheat, Pineapple Countryside IPA, Cinnabun Brown Ale, Sweet Potato Wheat, Pumpkin Latte Blonde, Southern Girl Blonde, Mountain Candy IPA, Sun Grown Lager and a fall cider from Windy Hill. Of course, the brewery is also going to showcase its top-of-the-line themed beer, Gourd Have Mercy Pumpkin Amber.


  • the giveaways: Everybody loves free stuff, and festival attendees are no exception. Sycamore Brewing has your back. The first 100 guests to purchase tickets to Pumpkin Fest 2017 will be treated to a free Pumpkin Fest 2017 t-shirt, while the first 200 will receive a free Pumpkin Fest 2017 koozie. And let’s be honest. We’re beer drinkers. Who among us doesn’t need another koozie?
  • the music: No festival would be complete without live music. In this regard, Sycamore Brewing has hit the ball out of the park. Pumpkin Fest 2017 will have two live music stages and will feature local bands that regularly perform at Sycamore Brewing. The family-owned and -operated brewery knows that local support is important, and featuring local bands is a great way to give back to the community. The lineup includes Of Good Nature, Late Night Special, the Colby Deitz Band, Below the Belt, The Company Store and The Clydes.
  • the food: Let’s face it. Drinking beer and listening to music is always a fun time, but it can make you quite hungry. Not to worry! Pumpkin Fest 2017 will have four food trucks on hand, each serving items from a fall-themed menu. Festival attendees will be able to take a quick break from sampling those featured brews and grab a bite to eat before heading back to the outdoor pouring stations.
  • the vibe: If there’s one thing any event planner knows, it’s that the old adage “location, location, location” still rings true. You can have all the great elements of a party, but if the locale is dull, enthusiasm will run out. Pumpkin Fest 2017 will be held at Sycamore Brewing’s headquarters at 2161 Hawkins St. The brewery’s beer garden offers a clean, sleek atmosphere that comes alive and bubbles with each year’s festivities.

Join Sycamore Brewing this weekend for its 2017 Pumpkin Fest. The event starts at noon on Saturday, September 16th and goes until ten p.m. Remember, the first 200 guests get exclusive giveaways, so make sure you show up early!

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  1. When I get stuck in line waiting behind a group of people who spend five minutes at the bar trying to figure out which wine to drink, there is a problem. If you want wine go to a bar or a wine bar, not a brewery. Millennials are ruining breweries.