According to the Chinese calendar, 2017 is the year of the rooster. Shonda Newsome with Savvy + Co. Real Estate says that means it is the perfect time to find your nest. Whether you have the couch measured and curtains picked out, or don’t know where to start there’s a new home buyer event January 10 at Heist Brewery from 6-8 p.m.


This is one of Shonda’s favorite events. No pushy salespeople, no presentations and no commitment – just a fun evening with great information, nice people and free beer (what’s not to love?).

Roosters aside, we asked Shonda to share her best tips for first time home buyers and she had lots to crow about.

Get smart

Don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions! The nice Savvy agents are there to answer anything you are wondering about. Want to know the pluses and minuses of buying a townhouse? How to ask for a loan? What is home owner insurance vs. mortgage insurance? What about chickens in the back yard? They can give you the low down on all that and more. Don’t know what to ask or where to start…. just come over… there will be lots of people with lots of questions.


Get the low down on down payments

Word on the street is you need a big down payment to buy a house, THAT’S NOT TRUE. You can actually get a house with very little down payment. Different banks have different programs, some with as little as 3% down. In Mecklenburg County there is a program to help first time buyers get $15,000 down payment assistance! All you have to do is have a credit score over 640 and earn under $64,000. If that sounds like you…talk to the knowledgeable Savvy folks Tuesday night.   

Get prequalified (even if you aren’t quite ready)

If the thought of owing a home has crossed your mind more than once, it is time to get prequalified. Going through this process will help you determine what you can afford and put your dream home in clearer focus. In fact, they will have an easy to use work sheet to help you do the math and make suggestions on mortgage lenders to help you start the process.

Get organized

Searching for a home is about finding the right place to put down your roots. It’s also about implementing a system where you can keep your searches together and mortgage paperwork in order so you can have your s*#% together when you see the perfect place. The great people at Savvy can give you tips on what paperwork you’ll need and a good system to get you started on your home search.  

Make a wish (list)


A wish list is a vital tool in helping you figure out what you have to have, what would be nice and what isn’t as important. Consider an agent from Savvy + Co. Real Estate your fairy god person. They can take your wish list, sprinkle a little pixie dust and poof! You are one step closer to home. Of course, staying open to suggestions certainly doesn’t hurt. You never know when they might have a trick or two up their sleeves.



Speaking of magic, wishes, wands and your next home, we suggest a hop over to Heist Brewery on Tuesday, January 10. They will have a wish list for you to fill out, great people to help, cold beer to enjoy and incredible agents. Get your inner rooster on and find out more about the path to home ownership.

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