Are we tired of campaigns yet? Get your energy back. The next, non-political and nonprofit one starts Nov. 15 on a local level, with #GivingTuesdayCLT led by SHARE Charlotte. The two-week campaign lasts through Nov. 29, which falls on the fifth annual #GivingTuesday, observed by participating organizations around the world.

The good news: There’s no voting involved.

And as the SHARE Charlotte blog writers remind us, today is a brand new day. “The presidential election is over. Whether you’re pleased with the results or devastated, it’s time to turn eyes back to our home, the Queen City.”

#GivingTuesday first appeared as a national campaign in the U.S. in 2012, with the intent to inspire various forms of giving during the holiday season. In Charlotte, the campaign offers three ways to give:

(1) Giving time

Attend the campaign Kickoff Party at Unknown Brewing Co. on Tuesday, Nov. 15. A $10 donation gets you custom beer tasting and access to vendors. Or get specific and help prepare meals at Friendship Trays, or volunteer as a morning feed assistant at the Horse Protection Society.

(2) Gifting items needed by the nonprofits

Shop at the online Give Shop to make it happen, whether you buy a microphone for Girls Rock Charlotte or a music stand for Community School of the Arts.

(3) Donating money

Purchase a Do Good shirt from 704 Shop, or donate directly to the nonprofit of your choice. Every dollar contributes toward some goal. Catawba Riverkeeper Foundation’s is busy fundraising to cover the costs ($500-$1,000) of maintaining their patrol boats for one year. Jeff Gordon Children’s Foundation is looking to raise one week’s worth ($19,230.77) of children’s cancer research.

The list of nonprofits featured in the third annual #GivingTuesdayCLT campaign led by SHARE Charlotte is 173 strong, with 111 nonprofits serving families, 17 supporting community, 11 working to end hunger and four working with addiction.

How will you show support?

Photo: Katie Toussaint

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  1. Get over it Denny. Trump won! Dry your eyes. I had to get over the anguish in ’96 and 2012 with Clinton and Obama. Eight years of socialism is enough! Take 5 Advil and call the doctor tomorrow! Oh by the way, for the next 4 years you’ll be able to laugh when you tune in to SNL on Saturday nights. Otherwise, GROW UP !!!!!