Due to the redevelopment of Atherton Mill in South End, Atherton Market is now out of the Trolley Barn building and temporarily located inside the Mill building. And I hope it stays.

The moment you step inside the mill building (I went through the doors to the left of Warby Parker), you feel like you’re in some historical labyrinth leading to cool destinations.

Dark floors and high ceilings twist through the space, leading to the new market space, Not Just Coffee’s new space, Alton Lane, Living Kitchen and more. There are multiple doors that pop you back outside, by Free People, by Big Ben British Restaurant & Pub and Savory Spice Shop, by Vin Master. It’s an adventure.

And much of the wall space contains frames with information about the mill’s history and old photos from the area.

One frame describes the creation of the multi-building factory by the Parks-Cramer Company in 1919. The company made air conditioning and humidifying equipment for the cotton industry.

Another frame describes some of the machinery, from the Psychrostat to regulate humidity, to the Parks Turbomatic Atomizer to help eliminate static electricity.

It’s easy to spend 15 minutes just gawking at the walls in the mill, learning something here, learning more there.

Now all we need is some coffee to go with it. Good thing Not Just Coffee is taking over this gorgeous atrium space between Vin Master and Big Ben’s (see below). A large, smooth counter is in the works and they even have some plants already enhancing the vibe. I wasn’t surprised to bump into owner James Yoder and hear him call this an upgrade.

Chairs and comfy accents to come. And the Not Just Coffee team should have coffee brewing this weekend with a soft opening. I’d keep an eye on their oft-updated Facebook page for brew news.

As for the market, not many vendors are open during the week. On Wednesday, I saw Bookout Blooms and Exceptional Terrariums. Chef Alyssa’s Kitchen is open based on class schedules.

But Saturdays should still be hopping with vendors like Rogue Farms Urban Hydroponics, The Gardener’s Table and Grass-Fed Productions/Root Down Foods. Vendors will rotate seasonally. Saturday market hours on the website are listed as 9 a.m.-6 p.m.

See you around the new mill setup.

Photos: Katie Toussaint

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