While packing for a flight to France last weekend I already knew I’d come back craving one thing: Gang Panang curry, vegetarian with tofu, spicy level 4, from Thai Taste on East Boulevard. Not wine. There will be plenty of wine in France.

I’m not the only one who leaves Charlotte for a trip and comes back with intense, and very specific, cravings. Particularly for food. I crowdsourced and learned about these places where other Charlotteans must stop when they return from a trip.

I can’t say I blame them, either.

Where Charlotteans must stop when they get back to Charlotte:

“I moved over a year ago and my first stop back in town is always NoDa Brewing. Now that the Tin Kitchen is there daily, it’s the perfect combo of my favorite beer and favorite Charlotte food truck.” -Katy Hill

“No question, Golden Cow Creamery! For some Dunkaroos ice cream.” -Beth Gutt

Respect the sweet tooth.

“We love to stop at Jimmie’s in Mint Hill, off 51/Lawyers, or Big Al’s, off of Harrisburg Road. Both have (a) laid-back setting, homemade food and wonderful staff.” -Erica Stewart

Jimmie’s is new to me. I could get behind its list of breakfast favorites.

“I would go to Room 112 (on South Tryon Street) for their sushi.” -Cristopher Roca

Harris Teeter — to refill the fridge and the cupboard with groceries.” -Kelly Waters LaFlash

Mama Ricotta’s.” -Kathleen McDeavitt

Three simple words: Penne. Alla. Vodka. 

Mac’s Speedshop (if I travel out of the South).” -Yiorgos George Ouzounidis

Moo & Brew.” -Elizabeth Taylor

Ru San’s lunch buffet, LOL.” -Nick Drozd

Sallie Funderburk approved.

Teeters or Pio Pio.” -George Yazbeck

Thirsty Beaver Saloon.” -Adam P. Di Palma

Long live the Beav.

Growlers Pourhouse.” -Cyndi Sadler

Bojangles‘. I really don’t need to explain that.” -Patrick Paige

I mean, they have biscuit theaters now.

Central Coffee. Best cold brew ever.” -Alyssa Sharpe

Akropolis at the Arboretum!” -Meg Croom

Ink ‘N Ivy.” -Philip Sanford

“We spent most of June on a family vacation in Ireland and Spain. While we enjoyed delicious food, my teenagers craved Jimmy John’s to the point my son started a Snap streak with the brand. Jimmy John’s was the first restaurant we visited when we returned. That wasn’t enough: We visited them the next day, too.” -Katie Benston

Respect the cravings, people. And welcome home.

Photos: Katie Toussaint, Bojangles’

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