Celebrating Father’s Day is a wonderful occasion to express love and respect for the fathers in our lives. Fathers play an important role in a child’s development, self-esteem and emotional wellbeing. Here are 5 fun ways for your kids to celebrate their father. Don’t just do one of them, do several. He deserves it!

Make a Homemade Card

Buy white card stock at the local craft store and let the kids be creative. Every dad would love to receive a handmade treasure from his children. They make great keepsakes and are fun to look back on over the years.

For babies and toddlers, handprints or footprints are fun and easy. Paint the bottom of one hand or foot with a non-toxic paint and press on the cover of the card. It can be a bit challenging with a wiggly toddler, so plan on a few attempts. Non-toxic paint is easily purchased at a craft store.

For older kids, get the crayons, colored pencils and markers out. Most love to draw. If you have a kid resistant to drawing, glue a photo of them and their dad on the cover. Have your children write one thing dad means to them inside.

Morning Bliss

If it’s his thing, let him sleep in on Father’s Day morning. Don’t badger him to an early morning schedule. About the time he starts waking up, deliver his favorite morning drink. Make his breakfast and let him eat it while he lounges in bed. A big entrance with the breakfast tray will surely be a great start to his day.

An Event to Remember

Some dads like to relax at home and others like to be taken out. If they’re the going out type, make reservations at their favorite restaurant. Buy tickets for a local sporting event. Arrange for a round of golf. Purchase tickets for a concert. Looking for a low budget outing, consider a local nature preserve for a hike or the local park for a stroll.

A Family Affair

The classic way to spend the day together is having a barbeque. It is a great way to eat, talk and relax in a casual setting. Perhaps use it as an opportunity to get the whole family together. Invite grandfathers, uncles, brothers and would-be dads. An annual family picnic can be a nice way to create a family tradition. Do a double check with the dad of the house prior to planning this event to see if he would like to spend his special day with extended family.

Sweet Treat

Bake a cake or make his favorite dessert. Let the kids help, who cares if flour ends up in their hair and on the floor – it’s all part of the fun.

Now, you have 5 wonderful ways to show the dads in your life how much he means to you and your kids.

Photo Credit: Sara Kendall

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